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With 20 years experience in the glass beads industry, XiaGuang is already a trusted partner for all of your needs for different glass beads. Our success is closely linked to our strict quality control system.
The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyzer has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials. Whereas traditional sieve analysis, for example, can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER P4 simultaneously measures both particle size and shape – with much more detail and at a higher resolution.
With the help of CAMSIZER P4, we can easily know the size gradation and roundness of our glass beads, which help our glass beads in strict accordance with customer’s standard.

The Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL3t Ultra Analyzer, which is used to test the content of heavy metal in glass beads.
It can provide rapid sample analysis in seconds so that you can quickly find the content of different heavy metals in the sample, Such as Pb, As, Sb etc.
With the help of Niton™ XL3t Ultra Analyzer, we can easily meet customer’s requirements for heavy metal content.